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At the Patterson Corporation we strive to be the leading diversified global consulting and business development firm. We provide consultation to small/large businesses, political subdivision, political campaigns, and candidates.


Our Business Consultancy Group has extensive experience working with small and large corporations to provide a suite of services that will assist your enterprise in this competitive global environment. Out BC Group specializes in economic development (construction, development and planning), business research ,  procurement consulting and investment research. The BC Group can provide you with quality low cost IT Services. Our suite of services include marketing research, search engine optimization, PPC, Internet reputation management, software development, maintenance, Re-engineering, and Product co-development services to clients across the globe. We have extensive experience in the technology across a wide range of disciplines, solutions, platforms and languages.


Our Political Consultancy group works with new Republican candidates, elected officials and Republican special interest groups throughout the United States. specializes in political communication, campaign strategy, polling, message development, campaign management and implementing GOP Strategy. Our core competency is GOP minority outreach, evaluating and developing a Republican candidates messaging to increase African American and minority voter turn out in their favor. Due to recent events of GOP candidates failing to get their message across and also making statements that have alienated minority voters, the Patterson Group has studied and developed a message that will help any GOP Candidate avoid the pitfalls of going off message and falling into the political trap of social division.


Our goal is to build a long standing relationship with our partners!



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