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    Political Consulting Services

    “We handle the Body and the fine tune Machine”

The Body:


Candidate Development:

PC will perform a S.W.O.T. analysis of the candidate.  We coach and develop our candidates based on this analysis.  We focus the candidate on his/her strengths; maximize opportunity; strengthen weakness and tries to minimize threats.


Political Image Consulting:

In politics CHARACTER IS EVERYTHING. We perform a complete candidate vetting and make sure we have a preemptive plan in place to handle lifes delicate miscues.  We ensure candidates project a high level confidence to voters by enhancing their political image and appeal.

Policy/Issue Training

PC assures our candidates have a full grasp and understanding of policy issues. We make sure the candidate understands the full spectrum of the policy-making process and how the policy will impact the voters.  We help the candidate prepare for debates, voters forums and meetings, as well as respond to media inquiries.


The Political Machine:

PC provides a suite of political consultation tools that develops the ultimate campaign strategy.

• Perform issue research/opposition research

• We analyze and develop voter pattern and contact strategies

• Research-driven message development

• Consult on/create/manage media strategy and campaigns

• Advise on budgeting and fundraising strategies

• Conduct polls/surveys and analyze polling data

• Develop GOTV and absentee-balloting strategy

• Write/edit news releases, speeches, etc.

• Advise on crisis management

• Political image consulting and management

• Political crisis management.


Voter Contact Strategies and Services:


Social Media Voter Targeting:

We can provide an effective social media strategy and effective targeting in meeting your direct voter identification and contact needs.  Through our creativity and unique messages, voters will read and understand your campaign message.


Direct Mail:

PC’s political consultants will asses your political mail strategy and determine the right voters to contact -- those who will make the difference between winning and losing -- and will deliver a sharp message that will influence the way they vote.


Our comprehensive voter contact service include:

• Social media strategy

• Political mail strategy

• Message development/content development

• Voter contact data and targeted voter lists

• Digital media strategy and implementation

• Graphic design services

• Direct voter mail production and printing

• Mailing services


Political Polling:

PC will design and conduct political polls and surveys to assess voters' attitudes toward political issues and candidates.  We provide accurate and cost-effective public policy and political polling for political campaigns and government entities.